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 Many kids involved in Martial-Arts do better in school, and are more organized and disciplined. These are qualities that can last a lifetimeOur instructors focus on anti-bullying tactics, character development, and "Verbal Defusion", instilling life values that will benefit them on and off the mat. 

The art of Kenpo teaches children and young adults the necessary skills to defend themselves in an appropriate, realistic way, while always demonstrating self-control. With karate classes for students ages 4-6 & 7 -14, your child will learn important self-defense techniques and skills that will help them grow safer, stronger and more confident. If you're looking to improve your child's Discipline, Self-Control, Confidence, and Fitness Level, contact us today!

Kids Karate Classes in Buffalo, NY

Dragons Class (Ages 4-6)

This is not just a self-defense program, but also a developmental kids martial arts program that is specifically designed to teach and reinforce valuable life skills such as:

  • Self-Control
  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Social Development
  • Listening Skills
  • Responsibility
  • Coordination
  • Leadership

Children will earn patches and advance in belts as they progress. Each karate class will be broken up into segments consisting of exercise, skill building games, kids' leadership time (every child gets a turn to lead class!), and of course, SELF-DEFENSE! 

Youth Karate Lessons in Buffalo, NY

Juniors, Ages 7-14

Juniors build upon the principles of our Kenpo Dragons Program while learning more advanced self-defense skills. In our Juniors classes, they will learn required, age-appropriate material for rank advancement in our belt system. There is an optional weekly sparring class, too! Confidence is knowing that you are better able to defend yourself in any situation!

Advanced Juniors may apply for the Black Belt Program.

Our Elite Black Belt Program

Admittance to the Black Belt Program is based on several factors beyond the proficiency in the art.  Students who have made it to an intermediate level may apply to the program. The Black Belt Program rewards a student’s achievement and purpose with opportunities for enrichment. A typical Black Belt class will include:

  • Advanced technique instruction
  • Ground and Weapons-defense
  • Defense against multiple opponents
  • Leadership skill building
  • Ability to be on our Demonstration Team

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