Women's Self-Defense Seminars

At Riederer's Kenpo Self-Defense Studio, we understand the importance of being able to defend yourself in any situation you may find yourself in. Hopefully you never find yourself in a situation that you will need to defend your safety. But, it is better to be prepared if you are attacked. 

We offer  full, seminar-length, hands-on courses in practical self-defense for women of all ages. Learn to defend yourself and stay safe!  Gain confidence, self-awareness, fitness, self-defense strategies and techniques to handle yourself in any situation.  

Each seminar is scheduled in advance and a schedule can be found by clicking here. Learn how to be more aware of your surroundings and how to defend yourself against an attacker! Call (716) 694-1600 for more information and to reserve your spot! 

Special Price! Only $19 / $10 with Student ID! 

All classes are held at the studio

Riederer's Kenpo Self-Defense Studio
2468 Niagara Falls Blvd.
 Tonawanda, NY 14150