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Community keeps people safe.

We are always looking for ways to get involved in our community, because our community partners help us educate as many people as possible about the importance of learning self-defense.  

We have done demonstrations and workshops at many locations in the Western New York area in the past, including Holmes, Hoover, and Roosevelt elementary schools, Kenmore Middle School, Fantasy Island, businesses, camps, and various community events.  Each demo brings us closer to the community we serve.  Below you will find more information about our demonstrations.

We have three main kinds of demonstrations/workshops, though we are able to work with our hosts in tailoring each demo to fit individual needs.  Most of our demonstrations include direct instruction on basic strikes as well as a chance for the audience to practice, and may become more in-depth depending on the parameters we work out with you, our host. 

Youth demos are generally for audiences of 15 and under, and include a seminar on anti-bullying strategies, appropriate responses to strangers, and some basic self-defense techniques.  Additionally, we provide an opportunity for exercise, interaction, practice, and a game.  These demonstrations help students build self-control, respect, and integrity.

Adult demos target audiences of 16+.  These demonstrations showcase some of our more advanced self-defense techniques, which we reserve for older students.  They provide an overview of situations in which our system of self-defense will be of use to students, and also begin to teach how to become more aware of yourself, your body, and your surroundings.

General demos are for a wider audience, like those at public events, and are a blend of our other two demo types. We'll present some general information about self-defense and bully prevention, but also exhibit some of our advanced techniques appropriate for all ages.  

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