Kenpo Karate Programs

Self-Defense for anybody, any age, any experience

In addition to the selection of regular classes below, we have women's self-defense classes, courses for students with special needs, and demonstrations or workshops for your group or company.  For more information on these, fill out a contact form on our home page!


Dragons, Ages 4-6

This is not just a self-defense program, but also a developmental program that is specifically designed to teach and reinforce valuable life skills such as:

  • Self-Control
  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Social Development
  • Listening Skills
  • Responsibility
  • Coordination
  • Leadership

Children will earn patches and advance in belts as they progress. Advanced Dragons may apply for our Juniors Program.

Each class will be broken up into segments consisting of exercise, skill building games, kids' leadership time (every child will get a turn to lead class), and of course, SELF-DEFENSE! 


Juniors, Ages 7-14

Juniors build upon the principles of our Kenpo Dragons Program while learning more advanced self-defense skills. In our Juniors classes, they will learn required, age-appropriate material for rank advancement in our belt system. There is a weekly sparring class for Juniors, too! Confidence is knowing that you are better able to defend yourself in any situation!

Advanced Juniors may apply for the Black Belt Program.

*Juniors are also able to attend a special Juniors Sparring class, dedicated to building coordination, timing, and hands-on workshop of skills learned in regular classes.

Adults, Ages 15+

With several weekly group classes to fit your busy schedule, not only will you learn our complete kenpo system, but you will also relieve stress, increase muscle tone, improve health, and gain confidence. Attend as many classes in your program as you like! 

Our classes include a friendly atmosphere and highly varied experience levels. Most adults join with little to no experience, and that's okay. Though we have main- and advanced-adult classes, we encourage learning and teaching together. Smaller student-teacher ratios ensure personal attention and faster improvement! 

Main adult classes are open to adults of any belt level. These feature instruction on basic and intermediate self-defense skills, sharpening coordination and timing, and learning real-life, street effective techniques. Students will begin to feel more capable, faster, stronger, and most importantly, safer.

Advanced classes for Orange Belts and higher add more nuanced and complex self-defense skills. Kenpo techniques are applied to increasingly imaginative and potentially unforeseen ways, truly embracing the art of "what if".

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