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Riederer's Kenpo Self-Defense Studio was established in Tonawanda, New York, in the summer of 2010 as the only school of its kind. Owner and Head Instructor Chris Riederer's decades of experience in the martial arts led him to combine elements of each program he had learned to create a new, street-effective system of self-defense.  At Kenpo Self-Defense Studio, we teach the science of fighting: how to protect yourself.

Now, Riederer's Kenpo Self-Defense Studio has grown to include a wide range of students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences in each of our several programs. 

  • Our Ninjas & Dragons Programs (ages3-6) teach awareness, bullying prevention and defense, Stranger-Danger, and our basic kenpo values and principles of motion; 
  • Our Juniors Program (ages 7-14) builds on these concepts while learning more in-depth self-defense techniques; 
  • Our Black Belt Program (ages 7-14 -with more experience) rewards achievement and purpose with opportunities for enrichment, teaching weapons defense and other advanced techniques;
  • And our Adults classes teach practical, applicable self-defense and combat strategies as well as the benefits of fitness, awareness, balance, coordination, and focus. 

We are proud to serve the Western New York community through instruction at our studio and through demonstrations and workshops

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